MOBILITY IN ITALY (TARANTO), 28.02.2016 – 5.03.2016
Last week Aleksandra Janowska, Aleksandra Gaca, Kornelia Bisikiewicz, Magda Bębenek and Kacper Jasek went to Taranto in Italy from Erasmus+ project „Comunication and Culture”. It was the second mobility from this project. Mobility in Warsaw,capital city of Poland, was first. We arrived to Taranto at about 20.00 on the 28th of February. On Monday, firstly we went to the Italian school. We were watching School Show „Comunication is … Music & Arts”. Then all teams were showing Power Point presentations about their school, city and country. Then students could choose which activities they want to do: art lab: clay creations or karate lessons. After this we had lunch- typical Italian dishes. Then we were sightseeing Taranto. For example we saw Medieval Museum Maria D’Enghien.. In the evening, we went to the pizzeria and we met pupils from the other countries. Next day, we went to the „Grotte di Castellanio” and then we were in Alberobell. We visited a typical „Trullo”. In the evening, it was a disco party for students.
On Wednesday we went to the Arsenal and we saw a Submarine. Then we ate lunch and walked to the Town Centre and we visited Aragonese Castle and St. Cataldo Cathedral-St. Domenico-University. Next day we travelled to Matera. This town is very beautiful and incredible. We visited a typical Cave House, an ancient Rock Church, a historic cellar and beautiful Sculpture of the Sassi completely carved by hand. Then we had lunch and we visited a craft workshop. On Friday we went to school and we were watching Medieval Parade when Italian students dressed up with medieval clothes. After this we had a break and we tasted Italian Breakfast. Mmm! Then students from the other countries had an Italian lesson and codes competition. Then it was time for Prizes, Certificates Ceremony and lunch. Next day we left Taranto and we went to Poland. Taranto is a very beautiful town with interesting history, old buildings and delicious food! People from this city are very friendly and funny! It was a fantastic trip.
(Aleksandra Janowska 1c)

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